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Spike Unchained: Grim, uncompromising "Oldboy" paints ultimate revenge tragedy

Statham vs. Swamp People: "Homefront" decent of its kind

DVD/Blu-ray: "RED 2" Recycled and Extremely Disposable

No Sperm Left Behind: Vaughn tones down shtick, "Delivery Man" has a low laugh count

Misery Loves Life: Authentically moving "Broken Circle Breakdown" swirls through waves of passion and pain

This Girl is on Fire: "Catching Fire" scores a powerfully entertaining bull's-eye

DVD/Blu-ray: "All Is Bright" admirably cheerless but too blah to satisfy

DVD/Blu-ray: Washington and Wahlberg barely lift standard, tonally uneasy "2 Guns" with their mouths

DVD/Blu-ray: "Paranoia" a slick but forgettably stupid programmer

DVD/Blu-ray: "Violet & Daisy" a strange mix that's hard to dislike

O Holy Reunion: Appealing cast makes "Best Man Holiday" a pleasant reunion