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Gender Games: "Venus in Fur" works as wickedly playful on-screen theater

Your Brain on Scarlett: Loopy, flashy "Lucy" has fun first, thinks second

Mumbling Grown-Ups: "Happy Christmas" plays more like mundane life than interesting cinema

As Bad As It Gets: Flat, charmless "And So It Goes" does its actors zero favors

Virgin Summer: Familiar "Very Good Girls" aided by Fanning and Olsen

DVD/Blu-ray: Terrific cast flails in tonally confused "Angriest Man in Brooklyn"

Story Crashes: Meaningless "Third Person" isn't fooling anybody

Rich vs. Poor: "Purge: Anarchy" angrier and more fully realized

V/H/Sexy Time: Diaz and Segel do all they can to keep "Sex Tape" from going soft