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"The High Note" a slick, effortlessly feel-good formula that works

Crime Night: Carried by Rae and Nanjiani, "The Lovebirds" only delivers laughs here and there

Door in the Ground: "Inheritance" hooks and then gets too outlandish for its own good

Revenge Ghost: Mary J. Blige valiantly gives her all to ambitious yet cornball "Body Cam"

Bad Trip: Despite Lauren Lapkus being game for anything, "Wrong Missy" does no one any favors

A Mad Lass: "A Good Woman Is Hard to Find" a primal, if morally ambiguous, thriller with an impressive Sarah Bolger

Girl Most Likely: Beanie Feldstein rocks her charm in somewhat safe "How to Build a Girl"

They Got the Beat: “Valley Girl” remake an infectiously peppy musical

Horny Demon: "Porno" a '90s-set horror-comedy with a silly, over-the-top spirit