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The Real Gekko: "Wolf of Wall Street" an in-your-face, shockingly raunchy, savagely funny bender

Band of Bros: Hard-hitting "Lone Survivor" too visceral to ignore

Richer Than Chocolate: Raw, honest "Blue Is the Warmest Color" more than just sex

A Lesser Big Deal: "Anchorman 2" scattershot but saturated with some funny stuff

Do the Hustle: Messy "American Hustle" snappy, well-acted, and just a lot of fun

Game of Blather: "Some Velvet Morning" a lean, mean, talky bait and switch

Last Year on "The Hobbit"...: "Smaug" livelier than last journey but fatally strained

Saving Fathers and Flying Nannies: Equal spoonfuls of prickliness and charm make "Banks" a delight

DVD/Blu-ray: "The Hunt" turns Wrongfully Accused Man into riveting cautionary tale