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Who let "Old Dogs" out?

Silly "Rome" does what it sets out do, nothing more

"Whip It" good

Fonda and Sykes give one-joke "Monster-in-Law" some laughs

Zombies, nubile teens get a goofy send-up in "Dead Snow"; the cheese runs thick in "Black Sheep"

"Invention" starts out spiky and witty, then loses its way

"Book of Eli" is a lot of post-apocalyptic sameness

Visually lovely "Lovely Bones" feels muted and disappointing

"Antichrist": Lars von Trier has officially gone insane

"Post Grad" wobbly but friendly

Mostly entertaining but not terrible is all that can be said for "Vegas"

Entertaining "Daybreakers" just what doctor ordered

Ireland looks pretty but "Leap Year" is a bore

For January, "Youth in Revolt" sweet and amusing

"Ugly Truth" raunchy but still a standard rom-com

Attractive leads and some fun treasure-hunt can't liven up "Fool's Gold"

Raimi's horror-comic "Hell" return damn loads of fun