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Loretta Devine's cheerfully wicked turn makes "Spell" down-and-dirty hoodoo fun

"Come Play" slightly derivative but cleverly creepy with a wonderfully lonely monster

Favoring sisterhood over chills, reboot/sequel "The Craft: Legacy" stands on its own

"Holidate" like a Hallmark rom-com with a salty, raunchy mouth

"True Adventures of Wolfboy" a special, gentle discovery of a fairy tale

Brandon Cronenberg's "Possessor" an arresting, visceral melding of the cerebral and corporeal

"Bad Hair" bold, buck-wild fun with something on its mind

"Synchronic" another smart, thoughtful, even moving sci-fi trip from Moorhead & Benson

Fabulously hammy Hathaway brings most wickedness to faithful yet inferior "The Witches"