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"True History of the Kelly Gang" offers own brutish, anarchic style for a fresh take

One of Us: "1BR" a smart, deceptive little horror movie

The Hand That Rocks the Marriage: Comedic pros can't save tonally shapeless "Bad Therapy"

A Shailene Sandwich: "Endings, Beginnings" authentic, often ponderous but kept alive by Woodley

Broken Mirror: "Behind You" competently made but grindingly generic entry-level horror

Jekyll & Hind: "Butt Boy" a knowingly ridiculous idea made into a slog of a movie

Deep Blue Infection: "Sea Fever" skillfully made and acted but doesn't quite grip

Hail Metal!: "We Summon the Darkness" not as inventive as it could have been but still a fun horror romp

Leaving the Flock: "The Other Lamb" a barebones, exquisitely made primal scream

Lethal Comedy: "Coffee & Kareem" a profane "Cop and a Half" with more dick jokes than actual laughs