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The Space Storm: "Space Station 76" a groovy, low-key original

'Toon Town: "The Congress" flawed but quite a trip

Skull-king Around: Hader and Wiig are lovely together in tender, funny "Skeleton Twins"

It's Back: "The Pact 2" conjures up jump scares but little suspense

AAAHH!!! Real Boxes: "The Boxtrolls" a macabre, richly detailed charmer

Or, The Ass-Whooper: "The Equalizer" a ridiculously brutal, entertaining blast

Taking Out Scum: "Walk Among the Tombstones" a grisly, watchably unsettling crime thriller

Reunion at a Funeral: Cast does most of the work in pleasant "This Is Where I Leave You"

Gone Girl: "Eleanor Rigby" a stirring, richly acted examination of love and loss