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Girl of the Night: "A Girl Walks Home Alone at Night" like a gorgeous, hypnotic dream

The Female Frontier: "The Homesman" a bleak but mostly rewarding journey

Night Terrors: "The Babadook" a chill-inducing, heartbreaking horror fable

Not Like a Boss: "Horrible Bosses 2" coasts on cast to get laughs, then fizzles out

Pain in the Rump: Jason Schwartzman embodies acid tongue in less-than-satisfying "Listen Up Philip"

The Waiting Games: "Mockingjay - Part 1" a compelling but unspectacular first-half finale

An American Werewolf in an Old-Age Home: "Late Phases" a werewolf flick grounded by its grumpy lead

We Need to Talk About John: "Foxcatcher" strongly acted, well-told Oscar bait

Katie's Got a Gun: "Miss Meadows" goes down with a spoonful of perky squickiness

Sell Out: "Starry Eyes" a ballsy, black-hearted journey to stardom