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Weird Science: McAvoy and Radcliffe try but "Victor Frankenstein" never comes alive

Look Again: "Secret in Their Eyes" flawed but finely acted '90s-style thriller

Kill Snow: "Mockingjay - Part 2" catches a little fire and ends satisfactorily

Three Wise Bros: "Night Before" gets Christmas right but laughs don't shine bright

The Power of the Press: "Spotlight" shines with exceptional ensemble and solid writing

Deck the Coopers: Talented cast wrapped up and wasted in schmaltzy "Love the Coopers"

Friends 'Til the End: Frank, beautifully acted "Miss You Already" more than just a tearjeker

License to Still Thrill: Cheeky, exciting "Spectre" sends out Craig's Bond on high note

Evil Fern Gully: Thin "Hallow" bolstered by goopy jolts and nifty f/x