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How the West Became Lonely: "Certain Women" requires patience but it's unforced and beautifully acted

Retro Love Potion: "The Love Witch" a fun, affectionately detailed kitsch throwback

Strange Instinct: Isabelle Huppert spectacular in daring "Elle"

Badder is Right: Unnecessary “Bad Santa 2” smells like dried-up vomit with fewer laughs

Teenage Woes: "Edge of Seventeen" a genre breakthrough with smart script and Steinfeld's appealingly acerbic turn

Sturdy Neck: Teller sells it in familiar but solid “Bleed for This”

Before Potter: "Fantastic Beasts" casts a whimsical, transportive spell

Love Thy Monster: Strongly acted "The Monster" more tense as drama than horror-show

First Contact: Poignant, entrancingly mounted "Arrival" moves and challenges