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"Jungle Cruise" a light-footed adventure that coasts on movie-star charm

"The Boy Behind the Door" a taut, intense, economical thriller

"Broken Diamonds" a predictable but mostly delicate indie carried by Platt and Kirke

"Joe Bell" affecting and well-intentioned but reliant on a needless gimmick

"Blood Red Sky" an intense high-concept thriller that's never schlocky

"How It Ends" a sunny, cameo-filled apocalyptic comedy about self-love

"Escape Room: Tournament of Champions" another irrationally thrilling escapism

"Die in a Gunfight" slick and flashy but all over the place with little to care about

Nicolas Cage deserves all the Michelin stars in melancholy "Pig"

"Space Jam: A New Legacy" lively and colorful but a lazy rebranding