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Ranger Danger: "Body at Brighton Rock" a minimalist thriller with a relatable heroine that could have mined more tension

All Work and No Family: Taylor Schilling is on fire in hilariously mean but affectionately sweet "Family"

Christmas Captivity: "I Trapped the Devil" a chilling exercise in dread that promises more than it delivers

South Central Massacre: "Thriller" an uninspired, amateurish slasher dud

Hide Your Kids: A few effective moments almost compensate for script frustrations and screechy jump scares in "La Llorona"

Big Strapping Hero: "Shazam!" a zippy, exuberant, heart-filled delight

Not-So-Sour Ground: "Pet Sematary" a solid re-adaptation that frees itself just enough from King's novel and 1989 original

True-Crime Schlock: Tacky, ghoulishly exploitative "Haunting of Sharon Tate" plays like a spoof of a Lifetime movie