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Dream On: “The Secret” nice but can't sell hokey, simplistic contrivances

He Knows What You Did Last Weekend: "The Rental" tense and assured without landing the final punch

"Retaliation" offers Orlando Bloom's career-best performance in a searing drama

Nazis in the Night: "Ghosts of War" spooky in spots but mostly hokey and hollow

Secrets in the Water: "Lake of Death" good-looking but an overly familiar shrug

Die Another Day: "Volition" an impressively knotty sci-fi thriller as clever as it needs to be

Stay Inside: "The Beach House" an effectively creepy and goopy seaside nightmare

Demented House: "Relic" resonates and dares to confront truths as a moody horror film

Married White Female: Essoe and Chong make brief "Homewrecker" an interesting two-hander