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Likable actors show their claws in tired "You Again"

"House on Haunted Hill" bloody Cheez Whiz

"Devil" wastes great premise

"The Town" solid cops-and-robbers formula

"Going the Distance" does just that, surprisingly

Sharp, funny "Easy A" has more wit than standard

"Never Let Me Go" profoundly sad and graceful

"Machete" carves up bloody, hilarious fun

"Catfish" really hooks us, despite deceptive hype

"The Expendables" more like The Disposables

"Virginity Hit" more smarmy than funny

18-year-olds might lap up juvenile "Miss March"; Lowbrow "College" fails out

Dark, twisted "Observe and Report" has some laughs

Overlong, uneven "Pineapple Express" only has a few laughs

Horror flicks that got lost in the shuffle: "All the Boys Love Mandy Lane" and "Tormented"