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"Run Sweetheart Run" an obvious but entertaining #MeToo horror chase-thriller

"Ticket to Paradise" has Clooney and Roberts in Bali, and that's just enough

"Black Adam" somehow makes Dwayne Johnson (and speed-ramping) boring

"Slayers" not subversive, not tense, and not a good use of plastic fangs

"School for Good and Evil" has imagination and some fun performances but not much of an identity of its own

"Curse of Bridge Hollow" a light-hearted, mildly spooky diversion for the season

New "Hellraiser" recharges dead franchise with sleek, nightmarish facelift

"Grimcutty" fails to do much with meme-horror concept

"Terrifer 2" a spectacularly demented slasher opus for hardcore Art fans