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AARP Hangover: "Last Vegas" more eye-rolling than crowd-pleasing

For Old Sharts and Giggles: Crude, immature laughs are still laughs in "Bad Grandpa"

It's a Cold, Cold World: Deliciously vivid perfs and pulpy style can't always keep meandering "Counselor" on course

It's What's for Dinner: "We Are What We Are" an elegant, macabre feast, if you can stomach it

Things to Do in a Spooky House When You're Dead: Novel premise only makes for adequate mystery-chiller in "Haunter"

They're Not Gonna Laugh At You: Maturely remade "Carrie" still shocks and resonates

Honest to Blah: Diablo Cody's "Paradise" a bland pit stop

Open Water: When tense "Captain Phillips" ebbs and flows, Hanks anchors it

The Weirdest Place on Earth: "Escape from Tomorrow's" daring, sinister ideas and backstory make up for small budget