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Girls Just Wanna Get Even: Diaz and Mann try to smarten up "Other Woman"

Come On Hear the Spooks: "Quiet Ones" more jumpy noise than scary fun

9 Months of Crazy: "Proxy" might overreach but still a disturbing genre-buster

Johnny in the Machine: Botched "Transcendence" never lives up to that title

Outback Slaughterhouse: "Wolf Creek 2" less terrifying but visceral and brutal

Gross, Deadly Game: Blackly amusing "13 Sins" speedy but slowly falls apart

Double Trouble: "Enemy" a mood-laden, hauntingly strange riddle

The Lonely Help: "Hateship Loveship" a modestly dramatic vehicle for Wiig

Muddy Lives: Nicolas Cage returns to form in grim, deeply felt "Joe"