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Mind Games in Bed: Riveting “Gerald’s Game” another Stephen King adaptation done right

Reviving the '90s: Watered-down "Flatliners" remake ends up in purgatory

Reefer Madness: Dunst captivates, but "Woodshock" holds less meaning than it thinks it does

DIY Labyrinth: Imagination on a budget runs wild in charmingly weird "Dave Made a Maze"

Blocked: Jump scare-laden "Friend Request" wishes it were "Unfriended"

Get Out!: Surreal, incendiary "mother!" unlike anything else out there

Bourne to Kill: O'Brien solid and Keaton even better in workmanlike "American Assassin"

Midlife Perfection: Witherspoon gets to be her perky, winsome self in blandly nice "Home Again"

It Knows What Scares You: Classily mounted, heartfelt, goosebump-inducing "It" should make Stephen King proud