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This Is 70: Cute, glossy "Intern" benefits from De Niro and Hathaway's charm

Activists on a Plate: "Green Inferno" doesn't shrink away from gore but lacks a reason to care

When a Man Resists a Woman: "Sleeping with Other People" given boost by frank script and likable leads

Woman on the Verge: Haunting "Queen of Earth" descends into madness with spectacular Elisabeth Moss

Pro-Choice Grammy: Short, sweet, funny "Grandma" gives Lily Tomlin a role to run with

Mr. Whitey: Johnny Depp chills to bone in solidly gripping "Black Mass"

Because it's There: "Everest" impressively mounted but oddly uninvolving

Little Monsters: Impish "Cooties" brings on the chuckles and entrails

Damned Trick-or-treaters: "Hellions" a fiendishly fun trip to pregnancy hell

When G-Rents Go Loony: "The Visit" marks Shyamalan's command of playfully kooky horror