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Attack of the Pouffes!: "Save Yourselves!" a likable lo-fi hipster version of an alien-invasion blockbuster

A Simple Job: "12 Hour Shift" pure dark fun with more personality than resources

Ritual Island: "Death of Me" has a hook and then, well, dies

War of the Scare-meisters: "Scare Me" a cleverly chatty fireside two-hander with an extra subversive layer

Melancholia: Azura Skye's unvarnished lead turn makes "The Swerve" a punch to the gut

Quirky Cons: "Kajillionaire" a wonderfully unique, human, empathic gem

Sister of Holmes: "Enola Holmes" a total delight with a charmingly quick-witted Millie Bobby Brown

For the Fans: "No Escape" derivative but well-paced and suspenseful for a long time