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Happy/Sad Ending: "Enough Said" winningly sweet and funny with a tender final turn from Gandolfini

GTL + Porn: "Don Jon" wise, funny, and assured with a filthy R-rating

Body Double Party: Nifty, original "+1" a double-seeing kick

DVD/Blu-ray: "Kings of Summer" a wonderfully weird little coming-of-ager

Have You Checked the Children?: Thoughtful, unflinching "Prisoners" puts you through the wringer

No Boinking: Smart, surprisingly frank "Thanks For Sharing" does the work

Baguettaboutit!: "Family" uneven but wickedly tasty lark

Less Tiptoeing, More Traveling: "Insidious: Chapter 2" offers new/old, creepy/hokey goodies

Darn Epidermis: Lynn Shelton loses her touch a bit in bare "Touchy Feely"