"Chestnut" [Philadelphia Film Festival 2023]: Small doesn't mean less impactful with this rewarding indie

Chestnut (2023)

Graduating from college and thinking your life will just begin on its own is a normal feeling to have. It’s like a purgatory. As with any transitional phase in life, it’s alternately full of fear and excitement for both losing something and gaining something. That’s the frame of mind that’s felt in writer-director Jac Cron’s feature directorial debut “Chestnut,” a small film that doesn’t feel small in impact. 

Natalia Dyer stars as Annie, a Philadelphia college grad all lined up for a finance job in Los Angeles, even though she’s a poet at heart. She plans to spend the remainder of her summer in the city, while slowly packing up her apartment. One night while drinking alone in a dive war, Annie meets the flirtatious Tyler (Rachel Keller) and Danny (Danny Ramirez), two roommates out for a drink after working their shift at a high-end restaurant. They may just be platonic, or they might not be. Tyler takes a shine to Annie, while Danny keeps his distance a little. Before Annie knows it, the not-really-a-couple keeps inviting her out for a drink, and it’s thrilling to make a connection with not one but two people. Does she actually leave Philly for this big kid job, or does Annie stay and see where things go? Read the full review at GuyAtTheMovies.com

Grade: B

"Chestnut" (87 min.) screened at the Philadelphia Film Festival.